Australian DJ and producer Steve Marks blends slap-house with pop and melodic bass to emit insanely catchy radio-pop and edm club tracks.

Growing up as a punk rock drummer, his raw style and energy has transformed towards his live DJ performance, maintaining live drumming across most shows around Europe. Steve achieved chart-breaking success in 2021 with his hit collaboration “Give Up Yo’ Girl”, sitting at #1 in May 2021 (UK) and #4 (AUS).

Career highlights include DJing at Ultra Europe in Croatia 2016, Resident DJ for MTV Travel during the 2019 Croatian Summer, X-Factor Australia Road Show 2016, along with his numerous regular shows in Germany, Belgium, Ibiza, Greece, Croatia, Italy, France, Switzerland, Scotland, and his home country of Australia.

“Making music is such an emotional experience. Whenever I open a show I always ask myself: how will they remember me?”

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