Nautica – You Got Me
August 26, 2022
Artists: Nautica

With support from DJ’s like Ado Woodz, KOM, SALADIN, Ferrigno, 3D Nation , Whaler, Alex O’Neill, Ice Cream and Naumind, Nautica is starting to a make an uprising in the bass scene

His first Festival was Planet 51 where he did an opening set on the main-stage for Austin Cassim making his debut, later on he had been asked to do another festival where he had the chance to share the line up with Chunda Munki and knew he had to get the hype going for all the festival goers , currently DJ-ing at clubs like Ridgebacks, Madisons, Stones, and festivals like Planet 51 And Further Dimensions ,He has a long history with the nightclub and outdoor festival

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