Sölus-Sun x Jowy – Strength
August 31, 2022
Artists: Sölus-Sun x Jowy

Sölus-Sun, is a DJ, songwriter and record producer from Saskatchewan, Canada. He began his passion for music at age fifteen, and at age sixteen began writing and producing. In 2015 he began managing artists at a weekly summer rooftop party called “LFTD” which led to many exclusive events, festivals, and club performances. His range as a DJ brings club experience, sunny beach vibes and a unique sound of the sun from deep space. His ability to mix a number of different genres while keeping his sound identity strong separates him from the rest. In 2019 he founded LFTD (Light from the Dark) Music Group with the purpose of lighting the way for a new era.

Jowy DJ and producer from Sweden, Been making music for many years but 2021 saw the releases under the new alias of Jowy. This track started with the piano as most of my music. when the chords are there everything else flows with it. Must of my music now starts with a Vocal and i try to build the track around that, and try to catch the emotions in the voice and lyrics.



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